We have the tools to meet the demands of a highly competitive, modern market.

A combination of skill, experience & technology ensures that Brent can sell your home for the highest possible price.


When you meet with me I'll get to know and understand your selling needs, concerns and timelines.  I will explain the entire selling process so you know what to expect.   Kamloops has many unique and diverse areas, each one with its own characteristics and attributes that need to be taken into consideration. Once I have seen your home I'll review the current market trends for your neighborhood and property type in order to provide an honest (not just what you want to hear) opinion on the current market value of your property. 

 THE RIGHT PRICE FOR YOUR PROPERTY is not determined by any realtor or seller, it’s determined by the current market conditions. When you consider it, there are several other homes for sale competing with your property. I'll sort through up-to-date listing and sales information and combine it with in-depth market knowledge and experience.   I promise to give you honest advice on pricing and not just provide a dollar figure you're wanting to hear.  Correct pricing is crucial in the sale of your home. Over or under pricing a property both have their pitfalls, which I will discuss with you when meeting.

AS A REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONAL I will help you determine what needs to be done, if anything, to your property prior to listing in order to ensure you sell for the maximum possible price.   

Real Estate Services

preparation is key

I take the time  to have all the 'behind the scenes' listing information, photos, and social media promotions ready to go in advance of your property being listed.  This allows us to hit the ground running on all platforms providing your listing maximum exposure and impact. Each Property has it's own unique qualities and attributes, which we strive to highlight with our marketing.

I use professional photographers

I do this to ensure your home is presented at it's best from day one. Listing photos can be a critical factor in determining the selling price of your home, from how quickly it sells, to whether it sells at all. Today’s buyers have more information at their finger tips than ever before, they have likely been looking at numerous listings online and we want yours to stand out.  It’s vital that your online listing has high-impact strategic photos in order to make a lasting impression.

Online advertising

In today's market an effective online presence is critical.  The vast majority of todays home buyers are working with a real estate agent and are receiving up to the minute notifications of new listings.  In addition to advertising your home on and our listing site, we use technology to promote your listing to RE/MAX listing sites worldwide, and on social media.

                           The first step in getting your property SOLD is to contact Brent today!